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Client Reviews

I’ve known Robert for ten years. He is smart, hardworking and honest. He helped transform my ugly backyard into a charming garden that is easy for me to maintain. He has good insights and advice about landscaping as he not only planted trees, shrubs and plants, but he also installed a drainage system that is still working perfectly ten years later. I strongly recommend Robert Taylor. - Paul Day

Robert is a people person; he loves people. He listens with interest to them, and they know it. If you want someone who helps people feel valued and well served, then Robert Taylor will fill that bill. - David Lord

Robert worked on our previous house. We asked for native plants only and he knew what he was doing. He did a great job with reasonable pricing. - Krishna Upadhyaya

Robert Taylor is a blessing. I have known him for 25 years. His care and concern for others is strong. His honesty and trustworthiness are hallmarks of his approach to business. He is easy to do business with because he puts others first. He is a devoted husband and father with a delightful family. I highly recommend Robert. - Mike Jorgensen

Robert provided us excellent professional lawn care and garden expertise for many years. He is superb person and professional. - Curtis Hail

Robert did a great job locating and fixing a significant leak in our sprinkler system. The problem turned out to be a disconnected pipe deep underground. Robert also did a good filling in the hole and cleaning up the work area. I would feel confident using him again on future outdoor projects. - Bryan Garrigues

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more about past design projects.

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