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I want to add new landscape - how to guarantee success?

Answer: Landscape construction can impact variety of issues.

  • Experienced contractors are thorough in their process.

Outdoor lights work intermittently?

  • Answer: Always start at the transformer-is there power?  Check individual fixtures and bulbs. If all these are clear then we have a wire/bad connection. Might be cost effective to just abandon the old wire and run new wire with new waterproof connectors.

Patio stepping stones have settled?

  • Answer: lift up the low stones and place decomposed granite beneath to level.

Soil in the planting beds is all sticky clay?

  • Answer: incorporate 2-3in. of organic compost and dig in or till in 6in. deep. **critical for healthy plants


House foundation is moving

  • Answer: install drip irrigation to building perimeter. Install root barriers to prevent root intrusion under the


Freezing weather in January/ February

  • Frost blankets are recommended- Calloway's Nursery for small areas. Contact local landscape contractors for larger area.

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